Pipe Cleaner Stamps

This is a really fun craft to do with an older kid (not super old, maybe over 4 or so) and supplies you already have on hand. To make pipe cleaner stamps, you just need pipe cleaners, some cardboard (we used pieces from a cereal box) and a hot glue gun (you could probably use tacky glue too but you'd need more time to let it dry before stamping).

This is the start of us bending our pipe cleaners into shapes.

Jack hard at work...

After you twist your shapes, you glue them to the cardboard (make sure to glue any words backwards so they stamp correctly).

Start stamping!

Ours didn't come out perfectly but I loved the texture (and I think you could do a lot cooler stuff if you had stamping experience...which I do not)!

Some notes:
-I would recommend using the normal pipe cleaners as the sparkly ones we had on hand weren't the best for picking up the ink.
-Use ink pads newer than 5 years old. And on a related note, do not leave your 6-year-old alone with several colors of permanent, metallic ink pads. (note to self: buy a bunch of new, cheap, kid-friendly ink pads for our craft stash)
-I need hot glue gun class! Do they have those? I always burn my fingers darn it!
Anonymous said...

You're right, regular pipe cleaners would have worked 100% better. Your glitter ones have much too long of material stuck to them. Regular ones are short and would have picked up the ink much, much better. A neat idea. You could make a design for each holiday to stamp onto the envelope of the cards you send out.

Jackie said...

I like!! fun and easy and i think i have all the materials....might be a good thing for nap time :)

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...


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