Week 10 Round-up

Hooray for Reading Day! (Margery Cuyler)
I Can Be an Oceanographer (Paul P. Sipiera)
Uh-oh! (Rachel Isadora)
Sergio Saves the Game! (Edel Rodriguez)
Olivia Forms a Band (Ian Falconer)
Pecorino's First Concert (Alan Madison)
Senses in the City (Shelley Rotner)
Paulie Pastrami Achieves World Peace (James Proimos)
What's Your Sound Hound the Hound? (Mo Willems)
Dinosaur Bob (William Joyce)
Ramona the Pest (Beverly Cleary)

-end-of-summer slackers did no FIND this week

-camping party at Auntie Tracie's (rained out on the camping part, but lots of fun!)
-toured Metlife blimp
-birthday parties for Jack & EJ (different parties, same weekend)

-family backyard movie party

-Cool Waters with friends
-library visit
-visit from Stephanie & Noah
-tball team ice cream get-together
-zoo day with Grandma & Auntie Judy

-swimming day at Auntie Tracie's
-dinner out with Grandma

-no formal MAKE this week...lots of organizing/house projects & resting when we could!

-end-of-summer slackers did no EXPLORE this week

-welcome to school countdown kits for some JK friends
Jackie said...

We have that SAME pic of our kids on the dinosaur!! and I LOVE the pic of Liv and Daddy..priceless!! I think you made up for the things you didn't do with all the things you DID do :)

Milwaukee Cupcake Queen said...

That picture of Matt and Livie is PRICELESS!

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