Week 11 Round-up

This Tree Counts! (Alison Formento)
Piggy Monday (Suzanne Bloom)
Hugo & Miles in I've Painted Everything! (Scott Magoon)
Jungle Song (Miriam Moss)
The Church Cat Abroad (Graham Oakley)
Brontorina (James Howe)
Bye-Bye, Baby (Richard Morris)
Country Fair (Elisha Cooper)
Gym Shorts: Doubles Troubles (Betty Hicks)
Gym Shorts: Track Attack (Betty Hicks)
Owen Foote, Frontiersman (Stephanie Greene)
Ramona the Brave (Beverly Cleary)
Ramona and Her Father (Beverly Cleary)

-end-of-summer slackers did no FIND this week

-day at the lake with the Geibs
-ice cream safari visit - Gille's
-date day with Jack
-sleepover at Grandma's (girls)
-meet the teacher night
-date day with Grandma (Jack)
-ice cream safari visit - Niemans's
-library visit
-weekend trip to Aunt Betsy & Uncle Neil's house

-end-of-summer slackers did no MAKE this week

-I'm counting our whole weekend away as an explore because we explored a lot of things...fishing, swimming, star-watching, mythbusting

-no formal help but Jack helped me a lot with my volunteer stuff ("I'm helping my school!")

{And we're done!}
Jackie said...

and we're done says it all I think....

Now it's time for mom to breathe again :)

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