Week 8 Round-up

Go-Go Gorillas (Julia Durango)
Where Else in the Wild? More Camouflaged Creatures Concealed...and Revealed (David M. Schwartz)
Can You Say Peace? (Karen Katz)
Sweet Dreams (Kimiko Kajikawa)
A Mother for Choco (Keiko Kasza)
Good Dog, Paw! (Chinlun Lee)
Jafta: The Homecoming (Hugh Lewin)
Supermoo (Babette Cole)
Oliver's Fruit Salad (Vivian French)
Henry and the Paper Route (Beverly Cleary)
Henry and the Club House (Beverly Cleary)

-shape scavenger hunt

-picnic at the beach

-water park at hotel
-geocaching (on our trip & at home)
-ice cream safari stop #2 - Robert's Frozen Custard
-ice cream safari stop #3 - Culver's
-Tosa Night Out

-attempt to see Molly's event but she was Sold Out, so instead just a library visit
-swimming/turkey liberation party at t's house
-breakdancing demonstration at Kidz Days (where EJ volunteered for everything!)

-pipe cleaner stamps

-nuked Ivory soap (watch this to see what happens...cause there is no way I'm showing you the inside of my microwave!)

-BIG slackers on helping this week...no formal projects!
-We did buy some more school supplies though. We're collecting through September if you'd like to join us!
-And to help kids in our area, Grandma S bought the kids Backpack Buddies from Sendik's.
Unknown said...

marshmallows do the same thing in the microwave... in case an indoor s'mores night might be in the future! ;-)

Sadie said...

That picnic shot is an absolute classic.

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