Week 9 Round-up

My Pig Amarillo (Satomi Ichikawa)
The Snowflake Sisters (J. Patrick Lewis)
Look Out, Suzy Goose (Petr Horacek)
Wiggle (Doreen Cronin)
Happy Belly, Happy Smile (Rachel Isadora)
Shades of People (Shelley Rotner)
Beautiful Bananas (Elizabeth Laird)
I Am Pangoo the Penguin (Satomi Ichikawa)
Ribsy (Beverly Cleary)

-big skippers on the find this week...well, unless you want to count my 45 minute search for Jack's soccer camp! seriously though, soccer camp from 9-12 each day (and some evenings without Matt home) really slowed our activities down quite a bit!

-Auntie Tracie's photo exhibit fundraiser
-Addie's 4th Birthday celebration

-Bradford Beach Family Day (Jack & Grandma)
-library visit
-back-to-school shopping (clothes & supplies)

-chocolate chip muffins with EJ
-homemade watercolors

-domino run

-took a carload (literally) of toner cartridges to Jack's old daycare. We love them so much and this is an easy way for them to make some money for the school!