Birthday Treats

This year I've tried to take a low-key approach to Jack's birthday. It's gone pretty well (even with a major scheduling snafu) but one thing I completely blanked on was Jack's school birthday treat. Oops! I think it was because Jack's actual birthday falls on a weekend, but the school celebration is way too important for the 7-year-old set to skip!

Jack's kid/friend party has a kickball theme, so we decided to make "ball pops"...the easy way! Sure I could have gone all Bakerella on you and made fancy cake pops, but that doesn't sound very low-key right? To make our easy, peasy pops all you need are: lollipop sticks, double-stuf oreos (very important that they are double-stuf or it won't work), candy melts & colored sugar. Push the lollipop stick into the filling of the oreo about halfway (it helps to re-smush the sides of the oreo together before you dip so it stays together). Melt your candy melts in the microwave and dip the oreo on both sides and the edge. Place on wax paper to cool and harden for a few hours. I wanted to give each kid two cookies, so I sprinkled half of them with red sugar to make them a little different from each other.

It's a really simple project but plan for more or everything (especially oreos) as you will have some breakage, falling apart in the dipping process, etc. And with the extras, you can forgo the stick and do quick half-dipped oreos for a little birthday treat at home too!

Jackie said...

Looks pretty yummy and even creative to me!!

tracie @ tsj photography said...

perfecto!! any easy tips on a s'more cake pop? the only versions i'm envisioning are DIFFICULT!

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