A fabulous twist on the tissue pouf!

{image courtesy of Dana Made It}

These paper flowers are incredible! My favorite kind of craft...simple, inexpensive and fabulous! Dana (whose blog is also fabulous by the way) shows the flowers as decor...such a great way to brighten the space!

But I originally saw these lovely flowers on Catherine's incredible blog where she used them for her super cute first birthday celebration for her daughters (p.s. their party was adorable!).

{image courtesy of Design Editor}

Isn't it also cute in patterns? Could be a super cute garland?

{image courtesy of Dana Made It}

Or how about a bouquet of magnolias?

{image courtesy of Dana Made It}

Let's face it...I'm going to be making some of these soon! Anything that feeds my paper flower addiction while also being super easy & quick is fine by me.
Bridget said...

Must make these for my sister's wedding and/or shower! Suggestions on how you would use them??

southern daze said...

LOVE! If they really are easy maybe I could even make them :-)

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