Hard Habit to Break

The 80s are following me you guys. I try to embrace the present, but then I have a weekend like this last one and it's just hard to say goodbye to my favorite decade! First, last Friday I watched a little Pretty in Pink during the "naptime Olivia decided was not going to happen." She stopped a full-out fit during Duckie's dance in the record store (and promptly returned to her fit after too). Then there was an "I love the 80s" weekend on the radio and I spent a lot of time in the car...awesome stuff!

Let's face it...I'm just drawn to the 80s. A couple weekends ago I went to Renegade with these lovely ladies...

{me and my fabulous girlfriends - Cyndi, Tracie & Leslie}

and look what I came home with? Sure there was more purchased than this, but I cannot pass up a mixtape icon my friends! (full disclosure: the Say Anything notebook was already in my possession & I bought the new one to replace it as it's almost full)

{journals from La Familia Green, mix tape card from La Familia Green, Rubik's Cube card from Dude and Chick}

And have you seen this amazing 80s-themed 30th birthday party? So many great details (including a mix tape iphone case)...yeah, I'm in love!

{images courtesy of Hostess with the Mostess}

So...how did I wrap up my 80's themed weekend? Matt introduced me to his newest addiction...

I almost hate to bring it up...you think you aren't going to be sucked in...you think it looks like any other quiz site. Next thing you know, you've been doing quizzes for a solid hour! It's fun though for sure!

Bet you can't beat me on this quiz though...I'll even give you a hint! Don't let sampling throw you off. I did have to leave one blank...maybe I should keep trying to find my perfect quiz???
southern daze said...

So funny because I IMMEDIATELY thought of you when I saw the 80's themed party over at HWTM!

Had so much fun with y'all at Renegade but how did I not see the Sixteen Candles journal?! Love me some Jake Ryan :-)

I'm pretty intrigued by Sporcle but am WAY afraid I'll get sucked in. Will have to wait until all my chores are done today. Have a feeling I'm going to love it!

kazakhstan kickballers said...

I couldn't stop doing the geography and sports quizzes. I guess Is 'Sports Geographer' a profession?

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

same here on the 80's party!! thought of you immediately! LOVE everything about it!

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