Kickball Party

A 7th birthday party should focus on fun, right? That was my plan this time around, so I kept it simple using the color red throughout as well as a circle logo modeled after the red playground ball synonymous with kickball!

We had about 20 kids attend, so the party table was a long rectangle. Two bouquets of 7 balloons sat at the ends of the table with a centerpiece of red licorice. I could have done some really fun things with flowers, but I figured that the guests would appreciate candy much more. I also had two small glass bowls filled with swedish fish on the table. Well, until the majority of the fish made their way to the plates of the guests (such a rookie mistake)!

A few large buckets of playground balls sat on the floor in the corner of our large party room. I had thought they would look really cute and bring the theme into the party room. I forgot how differently wired the 7-year-old mind is though, as their first instinct was to pick up a ball and begin some impromptu dodgeball. Let's just say we moved them quickly to the field to start the fun...a great game of kickball (of course) followed by some free time to practice their soccer skills.

When we got back to the party room, Matt read the book New Old Shoes to the kids. The story is written from the perspective of a pair of red sneakers telling the story of how they traveled between different owners, beginning as a brand new pair with a boy in America and ending with a girl in Africa. Our party guests brought donations to Soles4Souls in lieu of birthday gifts, so we thought this was the perfect way to explain how their donations might be used and how they are needed. In fact the endnote of the book was written by Wayne Elsey, the founder of Soles4Souls. I am proud to say that over 300 pairs of shoes will be donated as Jack's birthday gift!

With shoes being our secondary party theme, I knew we needed a sneaker pinata. But let's just say shoe pinatas are not easy to come by! Enter the amazing Auntie Sandy who whipped up the coolest retro Chuck Taylor styled pinata evah!!!

Let's just say that if you have a ginormous sneaker pinata hanging out at your house, you are going to take a couple fun photos with it! I loved that it was almost EJ-sized!

And I say "was" because it met it's demise via hockey stick and 20 very eager kiddos!

And that was the end...they played, ate lunch, listened to a story, enjoyed an ice cream sundae and filled treat bags with candy! So we said goodbye and handed out favors. Each child received a red playground ball and their own sneaker design book. I took this book (which is filled with pages & pages of amazing retro sneakers) apart and created coloring books (consisting of 4 interior shoe design pages with red paper cover).

In the end, I think the party was a great success! I love each and every one of these crazy smiles (especially the semi-hidden birthday boy there in the middle)!!!

Sandy Ploy said...

the exploding toe is awesome! xoxox

Soles4Souls Inc. said...


This story is incredible! We will definitely be sharing it on all of our social media outlets (Facebook & Twitter)

300 pairs is awesome! Please tell Jack & his friends that their shoes are going to cool places. You might want to share stories about our shoe distributions with them so they can see where their shoes go:

Thanks again!
Jeremy, S4S staff

Sadie said...

I am so intrigued by this book, I have bought it sight unseen from Amazon, in order to take it on our trip with us. Thanks for sharing, if you think it's great I'm sure we will love it!

P.S. The party looks do you do it?

Jackie said...

Looks like a ton of fun to me...I know Owen had fun and that kickball has gotten a TON of use already...good thinkin there! I'm so happy that 300 pairs of shoes were raised too, that is awesome! and Sandy...fantastic pinata...I only wish I was there to see it explode (and claim ALL the vanilla tootsie rolls :)

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

another great party my friend!!! and LOVING the comment from s4s!!! so proud of you!

Karri said...

LOVE the pinata!!!

I hope that our donation made it to you. I dropped it off so that I didn't keep forgetting to give it to you at school!

The coloring books were a huge hit at our house and the inspiration for N's coloring books :)

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