Kitchen Radio

The kiddos and I need some music in our kitchen...big time! If we're going to make dinner, do homework, wash dishes and hang out/have impromptu dance parties, then we're going to need some tunes to do it! Last year we went through two options. The first was a cheap speaker that eventually locked up my ipod for good (not good). And the second is a nicer (but older) ipod speaker that warns me every time I use it that it is not made to work with my iphone. After about 30 minutes of streaming our favorite radio station, my phone is too hot too touch!

So now we're music-less and hating it, matter how much I stroll the aisles of my favorite mega-store, I'm just not finding the right thing! Do you have something you love in your house? Recommendations?

What I would like:
AM/FM Radio
ipod/iphone compatibility
CD player (optional)

What I would prefer it not to resemble:
1) anything in the "boombox" variety

2)anything that looks as if it should be my alarm clock

3) anything that looks like it would come in handy on a deserted island

4) anything that makes my kids think it might be theirs!

{all images from amazon}

Please help...We need to get the dance party started again!!
Bridget said...

How close is your living room? Ours happens to be right next to our kitchen, so we use a combination of our surround speakers and blu-ray player to listen to pandora. It also has an ipod docking station.

Obviously, this would be an expensive option if you didn't also use them for other things!

Leslie said...

I don't have any suggestions -- I'm in the same boat, actually, looking for speakers for Meg's room that she can hook her iTouch up to. In our kitchen I've got an Altec Lansing speaker dock for my Zune and we all love it!! There have been MANY kitchen dance parties at our house!! Maybe they make one for the iphone??

Jackie said...

We too are in the need for a new one. we used to have an awesome wall mount cd player/radio from sharper image but they no longer make it but it was perfect for a kitchen!! i did find this but no not sure it'll really work for you. but it can also go with you anywhere...which i think it super cool!

Jackie said...

What about THIS???

pricey, but it has all your requests...|C4CategoryProdList1FDT|9191169

Sadie said...

We love our Bose ipod docking station. It is almost never turned off when we are home. On the more expensive side and doesn't play radio or CDs, BUT the sound quality is amazing (and our itunes collection is pretty beefy).

Good luck--making dinner without music and dancing children is not the same at all!

Christine Jacobs said...

My husband just bought one of these - goes right under your kitchen cabinet - has a CD player, radio and audio cable that he hooks his iPod to. We like it! under the cabinet&cp=1&lp=1

Karri said...

Oh yes. A few years ago, we got an Apple Airport Express (i think that's what its called). What it does is it allows us to stream my itunes wirelessly via our stereo. We have a set of wireless speakers that we use outside and inside, so I just park those in the kitchen OR I crank the living room speakers :) The awesome thing about having the iPhone is that I stream the music off my laptop, but I have the Remote app for my phone that allows me to change it up if I want to. Or we just stream 88.9

Michelle Smiles said...

HA! I swear my current kitchen radio looks exactly like the boombox photo. It works for my NPR or music fix but I'm searching to replace it. In the new house, I'm either going to get an under cabinet mounted radio/CD player or MP3 dock.

Unknown said...

we LOVE our Sony XDR-S10HDiP Ipod dock/HD radio! (Yes, I went and checked the model number, just for you!)
It's got GREAT sound for it's size, it's got a remote, and it's an HD Radio! (WUWM has an HD channel that's all music all the time... good stuff!)
I think we paid about $120 for it... not much more expensive than the cheapsh*t docks from "iHome". We even bought one for my mother-in-law.
Available at Best Buy.

Sandy Ploy said...

I use this:

with an extra cable:

it isnt ideal, but I have the iphone 4 and it is the only option without replacing the sound dock.

Laura said...

I didn't actually look at any of the suggestions but an "ihome" came to mind..

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

i just got portable speakers from target {it's even folds as a travel unit} an works with an ipod or iphone ...

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