A New Look

Remember when I did this? Yep, that was almost a full year ago. And that is how long I have been holding EJ off! My girl was determined to do the same thing Mommy did! So we decided to wait until Jack was in school, so she could have a fun makeover morning before she starts school next week.

This is my beautiful little girl before...

and after with her new (too big girl for momma) look!

Wanna see the play-by-play? Well of course you do!

Here she is with her pigtails all set to be cut off to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

And right about here is where I had a complete heart attack! I haven't been nervous about her doing this at all but at this exact point, I was definitely questioning if this was a mistake!

Blow out...and done!

Abbie was there too for her first ever haircut! This was the only after pic I got of the two of them, but it cracks me up. Apparently EJ thought that her new hair made her "tough?"

She did soften up quite a bit when we took them around the corner for some yummy ice cream at Niemann's (at 10:30am...in our new chilly temperatures).

They even charmed their way into some free lollipops! (fyi, EJ is using hers as a microphone here)

At that point, Olivia was done with being patient while her sister had a special day (she did great though) and wanted to go home and play and be free! So...we headed back home and I gave EJ a little pink manicure (extra special because it signifies the lift of her 3 month nail polish ban!). She was literally giddy!

I am SO proud of EJ! This was all her idea! She knows she is donating her hair ("to help people who don't have hair cause they are sick") and she also knows she looks super cute (which makes me smile). As EJ said as I tucked her in for nap, "This was such a special day!"
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it!!!!!!

you are a cutie pie ej!!! should auntie get hers cut to match yours?

That's My Girl! said...

What a big girl! Can't wait to see her in person! And some of those pics look like professional photos.

emilee rose said...

So stinkin' cute! What a thoughtful little girl you have.

Leslie said...

She looks so adorable!! (And grown up!!) LOVE HER!!!!

southern daze said...

Everything about this post makes my heart melt.

Anonymous said...

Love her new "DO"!!! She looks absolutely adorable!!

Sadie said...

Bless bless bless. Especially that comment as you tucked her in. You are so sweet EJ!!

Stephanie said...

Those were some long locks! I remember getting that same haircut when I was just a little older than EJ....of course, back then we called it the Dorothy Hamill cut.

Milwaukee Cupcake Queen said...

Soooo cute! and YES, she does look super tough in that one photo. But tell me, what happened to cause the 3 month nailpolish ban??? LOL

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