I've been on a cleaning binge lately (an extremely late Spring cleaning if you will). The kind of cleaning that has me donating tons of our things and clearing out the dining room so I can wash the wood floors on my hands and knees. Not fun, but overdue in every respect. Last week as I was washing the floor, complaining in my head about my sore knees, I realized how truly lucky I am to have the opportunity to clean in this way.

I saw this on Facebook the next day:
"Would it shock you to know that the water we have in our toilets is better than nearly 1 billion people in our world have to drink?" source -

I've written about this problem before and how easy it is to make a difference, but it seems as if we all forget how "easy" being a mother in the US is. As I continued my cleaning, I thought about the mothers who walk for miles just to retrieve "clean" (very dirty & often contaminated) water for their children to drink each day.

In Guatemala it is rainy season, but this year the weather has gone beyond rainy...floods, sinkholes and the latest Tropical Storm Fiona. Many people lost their homes and in the trek to find shelter, through mud-filled streets, lost their only pair of shoes. Can you imagine losing everything? Literally not even having protection for your feet as you attempt to rebuild your life or seek shelter? It happens more than we know and it seems like another one of those mega-problems too big for us to do anything about...far away and with limited resources.

I am very proud to say that Jack has chosen to try to do something to help! His birthday is this weekend and he again chose to collect donations instead of gifts at his party with his friends. We found an amazing organization called Soles4Souls and I am so excited by the work they are doing around the world!

Can you believe that? For a $1 donation, a pair of shoes is purchased for someone in need! They also accept donations of new and used shoes if you're interested in conducting a shoe drive. They have distributed more than 11 million pairs of shoes and have recently helped victims in the Gulf Coast, survivors of the Haiti earthquake and Pakistan floods, and answered countless requests from Americans in need. But Soles4Souls needs help to keep up their amazing work. Please consider helping if you dollar would make a huge difference to one of the 300 million children in the world who are without shoes. We can make a difference...even with limited resources!