Snapshots from an Awesome Birthday Weekend

So Jack turned 7 this weekend and we did our best to celebrate every way we could think of!

With balloons...

...and presents!!!

Some presents were ones that only MY son would love...oh and did he ever love this book!

This pretty much says it all for the 7-year-old boy mind...what can I do that will either disgust someone or create some junk food for myself? Hopefully the actual science experience will shine through??

And we certainly couldn't celebrate without awesome sisters! (and seriously, when did my kids get so big?)

And then there was the junk food portion of the weekend...the traditional birthday plate of oreos (cake was ordered for the wrong day because of a schedule rearrange).

Uncle D knows the way to Jack's heart for sure!

Jack's Harley cake (still surprised at that choice)...

...shared with some crazy cousins!

A new kid discovers the wonder of balloons!

Jack got to play goalie (which he's been dying to do) and stopped this shot by his friend Sam. (I found it's really hard to root for our team when I know kids on both of the teams! I ended up cheering for everybody.)

He also got some field time and scored a goal to help his team get the win!

Lucy & EJ made their own fun (See their mouths? That's screaming as they run down the hill...repeatedly!).

Then Jack spent the afternoon at a very special park watching the last game of the season. And is that card the coolest or what? Aunties Wendy & Elizabeth made Jack's day with this one!!!

There was much more (like a kickball party and lots of play time with the Grandmas), but seeing as everyone is all snuggled up we'll leave it for another day! Night, night!
love the fam said...

nice action shots at the soccer game! jack is def into it. I like the pic of the 3 of them on the porch. Endearing how the girls have their hands on jack's knee and jack has his arms around them.

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

happiest of birthdays jack!!

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