Ten on Tuesday

This weekend was crazy busy (crazy fun, but crazy busy) and while I have a zillion thoughts racing through my mind, I can't get them out in a coherent nature. So instead, I thought I'd steal a little inspiration from Leslie and Nora! Welcome to my first Ten on Tuesday...the random edition!

1. I finished this book over the weekend. I LOVED it!! (as expected) I'm pretty sure that Matt is beyond sick of me spouting "did you know" comments his way about my favorite 80s movies, but I am beyond thrilled with my new behind-the-scenes info! (note to all: if you don't want to listen to me talk for about 2 hours, do not ask me about this book!)

2. This is an awesome story about an incredible family...love it!

3. My mom thinks the feet pic in my header is "boring" and it's got to go...she's ready for something new! I'm not so sure I agree...thoughts?

4. Did I ever tell you guys that Jack & I finally saw Ramona & Beezus? We loved it! And I was pretty happy as we had just finished Ramona & Her Father, which seemed to be the main storyline draw. Loved the updated story (even if we did cry our eyes out), loved the cast and can't wait to read the rest of the books (3 left) to see what else happens!

5. Send a telegram! Seriously, how cool is this idea?

6. EJ tells us next to nothing about her school (after 6 months I have only learned that she loves the art room and that she eats her snack for a long time each day). Today I learned her class has a turtle named Ivan. Good investigative work there Auntie Tracie! (and it also made me think of poor Emily having to say goodbye to her friend Speedy this past week. so sorry emily!)

7. Oh my word! These DIY bookmarks are fabulous!

8. I've been extra-inspired to do some easy embroidery work in hoops as decoration for the house. I've done handprints (a little like these) before (but not for myself for some reason) but this, this and this? So cute! I am now thinking it doesn't have to be extra complicated to be extra cute (I'm loving these little guys that are in-process right now for instance)

9. I love my girls...see Livie caught in the act making off with her sister's (clearly marked) purse? See what is inside of the purse? Not sure which of them packed this bag, but I can tell you that they fought over who maintained control of both the purse and the contents for the remainder of playtime!

10. What is your go-to favorite candy? My Grandpa loved circus peanuts, my Mom loves malted milk balls...I'm usually either all about the chocolate (m&ms, reese's, etc) or something in the sour ball/fruit slices arena. So why am I tearing through a combo bag of Dots and Tootsie Rolls???
Sadie said...

Love the Ten on Tuesday idea, but is it just me, or can anyone else see the pictures? I have empty boxes...:(

emilee rose said...

Love the ten on Tuesday idea...I might steal, too.

But, I actually really like the foot picture. I think it's absolutely adorable, so I vote NOT to change it!

Anonymous said...

Emily Rose...l'm not saying the feet picture is bad..just that it has been there for quite some time and I'm all for something new. We've see hands before we saw feet. The kids have grown so much since the feet...how about some cute, smiling faces for a change?
Heather's mom

Jackie said...

Hmmmm...I like the feet but I also agree with mom...maybe it's time for a new feet pic or maybe a hands feet and face pic? I don't know...I'm torn!

Go to Candy...licorice in the summer, CANDY CORN Right now!!! OMG...I crave that stuff with each degree the temp drops (but have a new rule..no corn til at least Oct!..I'm dying!)... candy hearts in Feb, Jelly beans in Mar/April...and Repeat! and sweedish fish and fruit slices anytime :) Oh and tootsie rolls and dots...um, that's right up there too...I told you, the best halloween mix ever..I totally get it! Yes, I was a candy addict at one time, I'm recovering...

and lastly...I so love how your girls play together...girls are so cute to watch I think, especially when they collaborate!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

i'm loving the 10 on tuesday!!!

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