10 on Tuesday

I'm kinda digging this format each week. It's kind of nice when you have short things to say (which I usually do)...anyway, no iphone pics this week, just me babbling.

1) My cool friend Jenny is helping her cool friend Milly fill a big duffle bag full of things for kids in an orphanage in Africa. You can read about what they need (items and monetary donations for a building project) here. We are sending vitamins on Friday and would be happy to add your donations to our package if you're interested in helping out!

2) And given that it's almost the holiday season, I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you about Jenny's company LobotoME. Awesome notepads perfect for stocking stuffers...including the MEpad!

3) I'm in my jammies already (it's 8pm). I wish I could say that it's because I was going to do something fun like snuggle up on the couch with a chick flick or go to bed early. Nope...bonus laundry! You know where you scavenge together everything you can to make another load of laundry (including the jeans I was wearing), so you can make sure there aren't sweaty soccer clothes stinking up the basement for the next week.

4) I don't think I'm ever going to finish reading Eat, Pray, Love. It's not that I'm not enjoying it and I only have 50 pages left. I think I might be finished already if I had it on my Kindle/phone as then I read smaller amounts. I have the book, which is great, but in this case makes me feel like I should commit a bunch of time to it...which I do not...hence the problem.

5) So it kind of goes without saying that I am not following my rule of reading 25 pages every day. Big fail on #3 on the list. Still doing well on the other stuff though...yay!

6) Starting to think of our Thanks project for this year. We've done a few different projects in past years and some have worked better than others. I'd like to do the cards again from last year, but would also like another idea or two. Anything work well in your house that you'd be willing to share?

7) My Google Reader is at zero for the second day in a row. I can't even think of long it's been since that happened. Oh wait, yes I can...never!!! (don't worry, it's won't last!)

8) I need a haircut...badly! My usual stylist is unavailable when I am available for about the next two weeks. So...I thought I'd cheat on her with a different stylist (just this once) but the only other people available are the new people. I know this because they have EVERY appointment on Saturday & Sunday wide open (I book my appointments online) and they cost $5 less. Do I take a chance?

9) Have you seen these gloves? The supposedly work on a touchscreen and I am intrigued! I hate having to take off my warm gloves to answer my phone or check email while I wait in the carpool line. If these work, I'm thinking they should cost a lot more!

10) Saved the best for last...our family photo shoot was featured yesterday on Auntie Tracie's blog. I love them and want you all to see, but...look & then forget okay? I have Christmas cards to do!
Bridget said...

I hadn't heard of those gloves but I agree... if they actually work I would expect them to be a lot more expensive! I vote you buy them and let us all know if they work because they sound amazing.

southern daze said...

Your pictures are flat out gorgeous! Hopefully I can get on your Christmas card list so I can see what you chose :-)

So sorry about EPL. Probably not the best book to share given you have a crazy busy life. Good luck finishing! I'm struggling through Freedom right now so totally understand wanting to get through something and thinking you won't.

What book is next on your list?

Jazzed Old Man said...

Love the pics! Based on the kids non-cooperative moods that day, I thought the pics would be less-than-ideal. Now I can wait to see the whole bunch!

Sadie said...

Oh! I don't know which pictures to comment on first! The one of all of you sitting on the ground on the corner should be Christmas card. And the one of you with the kids could be your new blog header. Or the one of Jack reading to the girls. And the ones of Jack & EJ at the end are simply magical.


Jackie said...

I agree with Bridget..you try the gloves and let us know :)

Love the pics of course. The first couple on there I love...of Jack and EJ together and Liv by herself. and I love that Tracie calls her a Guacacutie!! and a photogenic one at that!

Oh and yes, it's ok to cheat on your hairstylist, even with a new person because they wouldn't be at your salon if they weren't good! I've done it and really never been disappointed. Maybe a little guilty feeling, but when you need a haircut, you need a haircut!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

LOVE your random!! ;)

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