Apple Un-Pie

I've had this easy, peasy recipe in my back pocket since the Spring. This past week, I bought apples and my friend brought us some freshly-picked ones too. We did a simple dinner Sunday night, so I decided this was the perfect time for a yummy dessert!

It's so simple! For each person/serving, you need:
1 apple
1/4 tsp vanilla

Cut up the apples into small cubes and place in a baking dish. Add the vanilla (multiply for however many apples you used) and then cover the top of the apples with cinnamon (I just sprinkled it over the top until well-coated). Mix everything together well and cover the dish with aluminum foil. Then bake for 45 minutes in a 375 degree oven.

It comes out looking like this (minus the bad lighting) and smelling fantastic! We had it over vanilla ice cream and it was a big hit (with everyone but the picky eater of course). In fact it was such a big hit, that there was a request to have it again before we even washed the dishes!
southern daze said...

YUM!! Love how easy it sounds :-)

Unknown said...

I'm coming to YOUR house for Sunday dinner!!

We used to have baked apples in the fall too, but my mom left the apples whole, cored out the center, and filled it with brown sugar, cinnamon and raisins.... YUM.

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