Final (for now) Daily Cleaning List

So I've reworked my original daily cleaning plan (in the comments of this post) into what works best for me and I thought I'd share. I moved things around a bit and made the beginning of my week busier (because I find I normally spend a lot of time cleaning on Mondays anyway). Certain days will be better for errands, but I tried to make it possible any day of the week. I'm also trying to keep my errand runs to a minimum (like one target run & two grocery store trips per week).

Monday - straighten up house, bathrooms, dust first floor, laundry - clothes
Tuesday - dust upstairs & vacuum, laundry - sheets
Wednesday - wood floors
Thursday - kitchen, bathrooms, laundry - towels
Friday - straighten, overall quick re-clean where needed

The biggest plus to this schedule is that it is beyond flexible as far as the amount of cleaning I do each day. For example with the wood floors, I can move furniture and seriously mop every inch of the floor or (if I'm crunched for time, etc.) I can sweep/quick wet mop around the big stuff. If I am away from the house for a day, it's easy to add that cleaning to another day, do it in the evening or just plain skip it because I know it was done recently!

Of course, the day-to-day stuff still has to be done (dishes, garbage, playroom clean-up, etc), but so far it actually has been less work than before!
emilee rose said...

Umm...I do my laundry every two weeks.

You have officially freaked me out for a glimpse of laundry in my future!

Glad you've made a plan, though! Sounds easy enough.

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