Halloween Crafts Without a Plan

EJ came home with this fun spider web art project from school yesterday (seriously how cute and easy is this one?) and it got me to thinking that we we haven't done any fun Halloween crafts this year. So, I emailed Matt to bring home dinner and decided we would fix the situation when Jack came home.

Well, Jack got home and wasn't interested. He has his own agenda/to-do list these days and was too busy, so it was just me & EJ. We started with the only Halloween-themed thing I had in the house...cookies!

Then we stayed on the food theme and made a marshmallow ghost. SO many great ideas floating around the blogworld, but this year 90% of them (or something like that) use candy corn. So instead, we went old school...black construction paper and a glue outline. Let preschooler loose with a bowl of mini marshmallows and in the end you'll get a ghost-like shape!

EJ was still wanting to do more art, so I decided that if we didn't have candy corn we could at least make candy corn art! I cut a bunch of tissue paper squares in yellow, orange and white and EJ went to work crushing them into little balls. Then we spread glue all over my lovely (remember I was an art history major not an art major) candy corn outline and EJ stuck them to the paper anywhere and everywhere she could!

She was SO proud to show her dad all her art when he arrived home. And the biggest plus for me was that Jack did his own thing (and was happy), EJ was making art with minimal help from me (and was happy) and I was able to spend some one-on-one time with the baby (who was NOT happy)! I think I need some more "on the fly" art projects for the dark, winter evenings ahead!
Sadie said...

Clever ideas on the fly! Last night we cut a bunch of triangles out of black paper and pumpkins out of orange paper and Maia had a field day making jack-o-lanterns. Also done on the fly.

Anonymous said...

EJ, your candy corn was beautiful.
What a good job you did and all by
yourself. Grandma could use one of
those for her refrigerator as your
rainbow isn't there anymore.

tracie @ tsj photography said...

gotta love a crafty afternoon!!

EJ said...

My art is cool!

southern daze said...

Love EJ's candy corn art and love how crafty you can be even on the fly -impressive!!

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