Halloween Parade

The photos really won't show it (except for the fact that there are very few of them) but the parade this year was around the block of school only. Why? Because we had 40-60 mph winds...yikes! Very different than last year for sure!

I swear to you that Jack tried on this outfit just two weeks ago...with sweatpants...and it was fine. Today? We're waiting on a flood! No back up plan really...so I rolled with it!

A super short parade meant we had 45 minutes to spend before school ended for the day. We couldn't go home as I needed to keep the girls awake. We bundled up and tried the playground...

but as much as this one wanted to be a big girl, the wind proved to be too much!

So I wrestled two very unhappy girls into the bundlers in the stroller and walked around "through Kansas" (or maybe that was just how it felt). Thank goodness for super old episodes of Disney shows on my phone to occupy crying 3 year olds! Really hoping this weather turns back around for trick or treat!!!
southern daze said...

Jack looks adorable and seriously, could Livvie's hat be any cuter on her?! Love.

Leslie said...

Dude!! Wish I'd known what Jack's costume was -- I think we have that exact costume in Reilly's closet, probably in a bigger size!

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