Happy Birthday Mom!

It's my Mom's birthday today...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! But we celebrated last night due to our crazy Monday night grad school/soccer practice/homework schedule. I had a bit of a back injury this weekend (in other words, I'm getting old & sometimes lifting a toddler the wrong way can lay you out in extreme pain for 2 days), so Matt stepped up and came up with a great craft for the kids to give to my mom.

Matt traced each kid's hand on construction paper (he did both hands for a total of 6) and then they decorated them with crayons. Once they were done coloring, he cut them out and taped them around a straw. If you bend the "fingers" of each back a bit, they flare out to look like petals. Six hands turn into a cute "flower arrangement" for Grandma.

{Jack's are red, EJ's are orange, and Olivia's are blue}

And let's be honest, the bouquet is even cuter when it's delivered by this little girl!

Hope you have a wonderful day today Mom! We love you!!!
southern daze said...

What a fun craft idea! Love how it turned out. I'm guessing your mom will keep it for years to come.

Hope she has a very happy day!

Anonymous said...

Don't know about today but I had a great time yesterday with my kids and grandkids. The bouquet was a great idea, Matt. I put them in the 'love' vase that Jack gave me cookie/candy flowers in months ago.
The flowers actually look like lillies. And....yes Southern Daze,
they will be in the livingroom forever. It's just what Grandma's do. Thanks again for a wonderful day.

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