Happy Halloween!

Our trick-or-treat was last night and we had such a fun time! Olivia was the last to get ready and she kept bringing her costume to me while I was getting EJ dressed. She definitely "got it" this year!

We took her to quite a few houses (usually those with shorter lines so she didn't get trampled) and she walked right up and held her bag up to the people. In between houses, she spent her time sucking on her unwrapped candy or just digging through her bag. She came home with bright pink, freezing hands because she wouldn't let us put mittens on her until the last half hour or so!

EJ and her buddy Abbie were really good about looking out for each other (which is awesome in the crowds) and left each house yelling "Thank you! Happy Halloween!" I'll have to get a photo of the two of them from Jackie, but Abbie was a monkey. Tony said they were like King Kong and Godzilla...well, really cute versions!

We got ready to go and the kids insisted on waiting outside for our friends. That was a good thing because while I had packed a bag of mittens (and the kids were wearing long underwear), that wasn't going to be enough. We went back in for hats, blankets, a second coat for me (yes, I wore two coats at once), etc.

We had such a great time! Hope you have a fun Halloween too!!!

Brigitte Short said...

Absolutely ADORABLE! Love it!! Happy Halloween :)

Jackie said...

Yea!! Happy Halloween! We had so much fun too and Livie was SO good for her first real halloween!! Everyone was so cute and so good!! I'll send that pic as soon as I get to them!

southern daze said...

I'm not a huge fan of Halloween but these cuties at my door just might convert me!

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