Let the Halloween Celebrating Begin

Matt bought the kids new pumpkins to carve (to replace the 1st ones...see last pic of this post), because he's an awesome Dad like that! They were super excited! Jack's is on the far left (Matt left some of his crazy detailing out for his own sanity) and EJ designed the cat creation in the middle. Livie's baby one has not been decorated but EJ went crazy with the Sharpies on the last one!

{image courtesy of The Girl Who Ate Everything}

I don't often share recipes and I don't often go on about how much I love pumpkin (cause for the most part, I really don't), but...these pumpkin blondies are incredible!!! Jackie made them and shared a container-full with me yesterday and all I can say is YUM! (oh and also, all gone!)

{image courtesy of Vale Design}

The lovely Erin has done it again and created some wonderful DIY Coloring Book Sheets for all of us to enjoy. Go here to download some super cute Halloween fun!
southern daze said...

All of the pumpkins are great (Jack is definitely an artist!) but EJ's kitty cat is making me smile the most - ADORABLE!

Those pumpkin blondies look amazing!! Shame on you for making me rethink my decision to cut out sweet treats for awhile :-) These will most certainly be made at some point in the very near future. Thanks so much for sharing!

Jackie said...

Hooray I made the blog :) Glad you liked them and yes, everyone should enjoy those this fall...they were a good find for sure!

What a nice dad!! Pumpkins are super cute!

Maybe if I was ever home this week.... said...

Isn't it customary to share treats with the household? Man, I missed out. Those look good!

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