Organizing & Cleaning

I feel like a major portion of my life lately is taken up with those tasks. And yet? I never feel as if anything is organized or clean! I know something major is wrong with this situation, but I have yet to find a way to get out from under it!

What I can tell you is that for the most part my "cleaning method" is as follows:
day 1: clean the entire house top to bottom (ignoring the room(s) least likely to be seen)
day 1 evening: yell at family to keep house cleean
day 2: have party/people over
day 2 evening: do dishes, vacuum, give up because the house is trashed


day 1: clean entire upstairs
day 2: clean entire downstairs
day 3: yell at family to keep house clean
day 4: pick up a bit to continue clean house
day 5: run errands/soccer practice/etc.
day 6: realize house is trashed again & give up

Recently, I've been attempting to change my ways. I think I finally realized that the house will never be COMPLETELY clean at one time again with 5 people in it, can be semi-clean if I get myself on some kind of daily schedule. I have nothing set up yet, but I saw this and thought that I could definitely manage a schedule like that (with a little adjusting for our crazy house)...Right?

{image courtesy of Clover Lane}

I felt good about it...until I realized that I still had some questions. Everything on this list (and the list in my head for our house) fall under my category of "surface cleaning." So how often do you do the larger jobs? What are the larger jobs in your house?

Here's what I came up with (still sure I'm missing something):
-washing the hardwood (hands & knees or mop & bucket/moving furniture)
-scrubbing the shower
-washing windows
-washing inside of refrigerator
-washing light fixtures

I've seen timetables for this stuff in the past (in fact I just spent 15 minutes looking at one & feeling badly about myself), but I'm not looking for the correct timetable. I'm really looking for a real world timetable...something I can actually achieve & keep up! Help a really bad housekeeper out and share your secrets/lists...please!!!
Bridget said...

I'm sure everyone out there feels your pain! I know my mom definitely went through it, and I know I go through it on a much smaller scale (I only have one person to clean up after). My advice? Keep up with the surface stuff and hire someone to do the deep cleaning :) My real-world advice? Get to it when you get to it. Remember that about 80% of the people out there have a dirtier house than you do... seriously! There are people that never ever ever deep clean and they still manage to survive!

Leslie said...

Have you ever looked at the Flylady site? She's a little too "overachiever" for me (as a working person) but I do love her system. It can be modified easily.

Anonymous said...

This is how my friend, Dianne, does her cleaning..and believe me, it looks really good.
Every week she deep cleans only one room and surface cleans the rest. She does fan blades, mop boards, windows, etc.
Most people, they should be friends and family, don't come to visit and inspect your house with a white glove. If they do, hand them a rag and tell them to go for it.
With three kids they expect to see some clutter, you'll have to wait for a 'spic and span' house after they leave, so stop beating yourself up.

Unknown said...

I assume you're already exploiting that free labor they call "children", right? ;-)
We all struggle with this. I've just lowered my expectations of myself.

Michelle Smiles said...

So funny you posted this today. I've been thinking about it a lot. I had a list like this that I wrote up at my desk back when I had a job and was preparing to become a stay at home mom. I thought I would tackle my new duties like my existing job. Then we moved and lived among boxes for awhile and I got pregnant and ended up on bed rest - yada got in the way.

Fast forward to now. I am a horrible house keeper without the excuse of a job making me that way. So, with our move, I've been playing around with a list much like the one you posted. I've decided that a new house means a new start. I am going to do my best to make it work because GAH all that space needs to be kept under control or I'll have to hire a maid before my MIL comes to dig us out of the filth.

heather said...

Okay so this is my tentative schedule for myself:

Monday: straighten/pick-up, bathrooms, kitchen
Tuesday: change sheets, sheet/towel laundry, dust upstairs & vacuum
Wednesday: floors
Thursday: bathrooms & kitchen, laundry
Friday: dust downstairs & straighten

Bathrooms & kitchen are on twice as I figure they'll need it. I'm guessing one will be big/thorough & one a quick clean-up.

Errands will need to be worked in...hoping for only one Target and one grocery store run per week.

I have both girls & volunteer on Fridays so kept that lighter.

southern daze said...

Oh how I need help with this myself! Thinking I might just copy your schedule (with a few tweaks) and see if I can stay on top of it. I find I put it off for too long and then become overwhelmed when I attempt to clean. I like the idea of doing a little bit each day.

Now I have you to motivate me with cleaning & Heather with exercise. Sure do wish y'all lived closer so I could thank you with a girls night out :-)

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