Plans for the Weekend

The crazy warm weather here is mixing things up a bit, so we have an odd combination of things on deck for the next few days, including:

-volunteering at school
-trip to the zoo
-rock climbing party (well that's just for Jack)
-pumpkin farm
-antique shopping
-trip to the dump to get rid of the old mattress set (so we can stop looking like Sanford & Son)
-hopefully a couple dinners out
-figuring out the Christmas gift list?
-buying an enormous amount of banana bread (to restock our freezer for the winter)
-trying on costumes
-baking Halloween cookies

Anything fun on your agenda?
southern daze said...

Warm weather? Good for you!! Enjoy.

Your weekend sounds perfect and the vision you created with your "Sanford and Sons" comment made me smile.

Not much on tap for me (that I know of). Dinner out tonight to celebrate our upcoming anniversary, sort through donations to the hospital from a friend & goodwill donations from us, lunch with some friends tomorrow, and, other than that, I'm not sure. I have a feeling there will be multiple conversations about CLE. Lots of planning to do :-(

Have SO much fun this weekend!!!

KimN said...

Wow, that's more than I can accomplish in two weeks worth of time! Have fun.

No fun things on my agenda. I still have to finish making my applesauce and roast/puree two more pumpkins and make pumpkin bread. I will probably also watch the UofM football game.

Sadie said...

Christmas Gift List? I am suddenly in a panic thinking that I should be thinking about that.

Hope you had a relaxing and yet productive weekend--I am impressed.

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