Put One Foot in Front of the Other...

{yes, apparently I'm already thinking Christmas specials with my song lyric title!}

{mirror project done & hung on the wall...new lamps too! oh and of course a bored baby.}

I've always been a procrastinator. I'll be honest with you though...it's only partially about "putting things off" though. Probably the biggest reason that I'm a procrastinator is that I'm big on doing something until it's done. I've never been about doing things little by little.

So if I had a big paper to write for school more than likely it was going to be written the night before it was due. And in those rare events where I did write it early, I still considered it done. No editing or rewriting would take place. If there is a book I am loving to read or a craft project I'm working on? More than likely I'm going to do nothing but read or craft (including staying up all night) until I'm done. When Matt & I would work on house projects or major yardwork (back when it was just us), we would get up early (8am...it was pre-kids after all) and work all day long with no breaks until we were finished (then we would shower, get dressed and head out for dinner at 8pm...life was very different before our kids!).

Obviously life is different now...add kids to the mix and your life is very start/stop. There is no way to devote "uninterrupted time" to anything. So in my world of all or nothing? Sadly my choice has often been nothing! For instance, because I didn't have a complete plan figured out for the walls of the living room, I felt like I couldn't do anything to it. But as you can see from the photo above...I've added lamps and I spray painted a mirror I got from my Grandma's house and found the perfect spot for it on the living room wall. How you ask?

My new motto...baby steps! Instead of trying to tackle the whole enchilada, I'm breaking things down and doing them little by little. For example...

1) Cleaning the house - As I talked about here, this has been a major problem. But two weeks into the new daily cleaning schedule (see the post below for the most recent version) and I am beyond happy!

2) The Basement - Seriously, saying that our basement looks like an episode of Hoarders is being kind! I've been overwhelmed for sure (and in this case it is justified), but this past week I hatched a plan. Each day I go downstairs and tackle one thing...one section of shelving, one box of junk, one corner. I'm not organizing (yet) but I am touching every item in that area. If it is garbage, I toss it. If it is something that we can give away, it goes in the Goodwill pile (which I will drop off weekly). If it should stay in the basement, it stays where it is (for now) and if it should come upstairs, it does (and gets put away) immediately!

{with my new basement plan, I found these dishes I bought myself on a trip to IKEA with NellieTracie...now i'm not saying it was a long time ago, but Finley turns one next week and I'm pretty sure Nellie was pregnant at the time!}

3) Reading - This is actually one of the things that pushed me into making this change. I had a library book I had to read in two weeks, so I divided out my pages and made a schedule. It worked great, but since then I've lapsed & still have two unfinished books to read. So...25 pages a day right after I get the girls down for nap...no excuses!

4) Crafting - The new cleaning/chores schedule has made life a lot more flexible which translates to the fact that I either have an hour or so during nap to do some crafting (which to me is playtime) or I work on something after the kids are in bed while Matt & I hang out (either watching dvr or watching him work/do schoolwork).

5) Exercise - Okay, let's not go crazy people! Still not back on the wagon with this one, but I'm hoping to start again soon (my jeans have been begging me to give them a break for some time now). Once I get some balance with the rest of this stuff along with Jack's school stuff (fingers crossed right now) and crafting time with the kids again, then I think I can start up with the running again too (or at least that's what I'm hoping)!

Now I realize I'm a whopping two weeks into this new mindset and things may change, but I'm kind of loving how things are going. Just realizing that things can be "in progress" and that I'm not failing is HUGE for me!!! And one more surprise benefit? I'm caught up, so I eat lunch with the girls every day. Like sit at the table and be present and goof around and talk (not use their occupied time to finish chores)...it's awesome! So...everyone keep your fingers crossed that I keep this new leaf firmly turned over! And I'll keep you updated if I find anymore treasures in the basement.
Unknown said...

Way to Go, Heather!!! (now if I could only use your success to motivate myself.... *stares blankly and piles on desk and dining room table*)

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

i ditto rachel ... well paraphrasing rachel ... go heather go!! ;)

Jackie said...

I'm a tad bit jealous....I miss my cleaning schedule :( but I guess I have the exercise one on track...can we do those for each other?? wouldn't that rock?!

I'm glad you are getting so organized, that's so awesome!

Karri said...

YAY! And I love the color scheme, too. My faves right now.
Anyway, I think I am going to adopt a similar schedule. I feel overwhelemed lately and my cleaning falls to the weekend and well, that's not acceptable!
Sadly, I dont think I'll find anything fun like new Ikea dishes, though.

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