Ten on Tuesday

Okay, my life has been uber-boring lately! Well at least blog-boring. I've fit in lots of fun crafting time, but all my crafting is for gifts so I can't really blog about that, right?

So today I give you a ten on tuesday iphone photo edition...

1) Olivia has been waiting so patiently to be able to play on the playground with the big kids. This was the day she got "in" and joined a game of Duck Duck Goose (at least that's what it was supposed to be, but the big kids let her play her own way!).

2) EJ has been all about matching Livie and I think they are cute enough to pull it off so I usually oblige. Major upside is that I find I get a lot less questions about our family when the girls are dressed alike!

3) Waiting for the tiger to walk by again...apparently I have two very brave girls!

4) Post-pumpkin farm snooze

5) Visit to the cemetery with Daddy...they said Hi to Great Grandma and then visited the fountain.

6) Matt is selling almost all his pucks on Craigslist (anyone interested?) and Liv was helping him organize them. I once bought him a puck from every IHL team as a gift...pre-internet...so I had to call every team in the country. Now that is love people!

7) We've got another salsa lover! (now if we could just get Jack on board)

8) Jack's been known to set up quite the crowd at his Baseball Guys games and this past weekend he was at it again! When I asked him why there was food in the stands he responded that he "ran out of guys."

9) We've been getting a ton of nice weather this year in nice little spurts (so we truly appreciate it). This was a super nice day at the end of September which made the girls unusually happy post-nap!

10) EJ does a lot of art projects at her preschool and she's always proud to show them off at pick-up time. However this time she was a little more excited than usual!
southern daze said...

A puck from every team BEFORE the internet?! That IS love!

Jackie said...

i love jack's baseball game set up! it cracked me up but totally did NOT surprise me one bit. it may have also triggered a memory of owen doing that with all his stuffed animals and various other toys. love the imaginations!!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

love this post!! the pics ... jacks team, the pucks, the cuties, livs hair post-nap in wind ... but especially seeing these cuties in these outfits and membering my girls little ...

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