Ten on Tuesday

My phone won't upload photos to twitter or facebook right now, so I've been saving them up for another 10 on tuesday post.

1) We've had really great weather in the past week, so we spend a lot of time on the playground after school. EJ has been asking to walk home (instead of a stroller ride) and she & Jack love to run ahead. This is how they waited for us in the driveway one day.

2) Then EJ decided "We should lay out!" It was not that warm.

3) EJ started a class on Friday mornings at another neighborhood elementary school. I spied this in the bike rack on our way in...seriously?

4) Last weekend we walked to the playground for a visit. Since it was a non-school day (i.e. no big kids to crush her), Olivia was actually able to play on the slide (climbing up into the bottom & then pretending she is sliding). She was SO happy!

5) The temps have started falling though, so we tried on new rain gear...

6) and new snow gear!

7) Halloween candy has finally arrived in our house (of course none of it is actual Halloween candy, just repackaged chocolate favorites...including Milky Way Dark. Yum!).

8) Another little treat to myself...flannel sheets & a new warm blanket. Matt and I have the coldest bedroom so I thought it was only fair!

9) This pic does not do it justice but as I unpacked the car this morning (stressing out a bit about things I cannot control), I looked up and saw a huge rainbow in the clouds. It had not rained, it was bright sun out and it started disappearing as I ran to grab my camera. Right after this it was gone.

10) Olivia went to the doctor for her 18 month check-up and now has to wear a hat to bed to prevent her from pulling her hair out (she twirls it to go to sleep & pulls chunks out in the process...she now has a bit of a mullet). So far it's working really well. And I swear, we are not idiots...of course I thought about putting a hat on her, but in a million years I never thought she'd actually keep it on. Guess what? I told her it looked pretty (and she somehow got EJ's Dora doll to sleep with too) and she keeps it on! Hopefully her hair will be back (and the habit broken) soon!
Karri said...

She looks sooo cute in her bedtime hat!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

love the 10 ... but you're breaking my heart with the clothing pix!!

Sadie said...

That snowsuit, the unicycle, the laying out....a great post. But my favorite is that wonderful hat/Dora/binky combo. Classic!

beckley said...

awe, liv!

nice rainbow =)
and we had those crib sheets for jackson.
and i have those turq sheets, too =)

of course.

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