Where Did I Find Olivia?

When Olivia first started being mobile, I would find her all kinds of odd places (like upstairs when I thought she was downstairs), but lately I've been finding her doing all kinds of interesting things. So before she gets told no, I've been taking her picture (doesn't everyone?)!

This one is because of Daddy. When I have the girls do art projects, they sit in their high chair/booster so they are contained. Not so much in Matt's world. So the other morning she had just pulled out a chair and started coloring away!

Watching the photo screen saver on my computer (my chair is high and swivels...this was impressive).

Putting on her boots, while the rest of us were playing in the playroom, at 5pm when we had plans to go nowhere (luckily she's the only kid who doesn't know how to get out the door...yet!).

Stripping? Or maybe channeling Flashdance?

And a little yoga...
Jackie said...

that little girl never ceases to amaze me and make me laugh!!! no wonder you are so tired, my goodness...little houdini here is enough to make any mom exhausted!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...


southern daze said...

These are all awesome but I've got to say my favorite is the Flashdance shot. Haven't seen anyone rock that look quite as well in a very long time :-)

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