Advent Basket

{half of the gifts...I actually had to split them into two baskets}

My bestie's birthday is today...November 30th...25 days between her birthday and Christmas. Seemed like a perfect gifting opportunity to me! I mean who doesn't love to open presents? Wouldn't 25 days of presents be super fun? Also, we used to see each other almost every day (big perk of working together). Now...not so much! This seemed like the perfect opportunity to be able to leave her little goodies each day (yes, I have a habit of impulse buying for both of us).

So yesterday I delivered her 25 little gifts...I can't tell you what they are and ruin the surprise (although my inquisitive friend may have already touched, shaken & guessed at quite a few of them already) but each day is something fun for sure. Some little, some handmade, some simple, some extra special...but all meant to remind my bestie how much I love her!

Happy Birthday Tracie!!!

{photo switch! ahh, much better!}
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

oh friend! you know how much i love you! i love everything you've given me, but most of all, i love your heart!

but what i'm really not loving is the way i look in this photo! :P

Brigitte Short said...

Priceless. Absolutely brilliant!! Amazingly creative Heather. And so pretty too! (including the photo of you too :)

picky friend said...

ooo ya!! loving that MUCH better!! ;)

Leslie said...

Oh, Heather -- you're the best gifter on the planet, I'm certain!! How fun!

And Tracie -- you're beautiful and radiant 100% of the time, even in the photo our dear friend took down!! Gah!

southern daze said...

A gift a day is so much fun - love it! Wish I'd seen the other picture since it's garnered quite the attention & loads of comments. Must have been a good one :-)

The friendship you and Tracie share is so beautiful.

Sadie said...

Happy Birthday Tracie! I don't know you but feel as though I do. :)

And eeeeek....the title of this post made me realize it's time for Advent is it December tomorrow???!

You are so organized and on top of everything--it's inspiring, but makes me feel like a hopeless mess at the same time. (But mostly inspired. :)

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday Tracie!! What an incredibly brilliant and creative gift (as always!!) What lucky gals you are to have each other!

Karri said...

Happy birthday, Tracie!

What a great gift. I wouldn't expect anything less. You're so friggin' creative :)

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