The Better Gift List

I am 100% a pen and paper question about it! But with a certain little boy of mine getting older (reading and snooping habits developing more every day) something had to be done to keep his little eyes and hands off my Christmas lists.

Enter the Better Gift List app...I tried out 3 lists and it completely won me over! You enter in the gifting "event" as well as the date needed by and budget & you are ready to shop.

Then as you come up with ideas and as you shop, you enter gifts under the event. The app tracks how much you have spent, how many gifts you still need to purchase and what items you already have purchased.

{all photos via the itunes store}

I've loved having my list with me no matter where I am (because let's face it, I'm never without my phone) and I've also loved it for "balancing" the gift quantities and price points between the 3 kids. It's so simple when I have the totals all together in one place.

I still have the big notebook with the master Christmas list, but I know I will use this method more and more (especially for my top secret gift-giving).
southern daze said...

Sounds like I need to look into that app! I hate not having my lists everywhere I go. It always seems I need it when I don't have it.

Sadie said...

Is this iPhone specific? I don't actually want an iphone, but some of the apps (like this one) are hard to resist.

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