Helping the Orphans of the World

When we adopted our daughter, we did not set out to save an orphan. That's the honest truth. We wanted a child and she needed a family...and we all are truly blessed forever! Today we celebrate our 3rd Family Day and I truly can't imagine life any differently. This is my family exactly as it was meant to be!

However the orphans of the world do need our help. There is a global orphan crisis...99% of the world's orphans will not be adopted. We must do something...locally and globally! In addition, we need to look at the greater problems out there and work on orphan prevention. I really love David's post on this subject (it's short and a great read).

We try to help how we can...sending school supplies & band-aids to Guatemala, sponsoring a student, helping friends going on missions, giving donations as gifts...but it never seems like we're doing much. And there are so many amazing organizations out there. There was an awesome post/list on Rage Against the Machine last week that I urge you to check out, but I also urge you to support organizations that aren't just "reacting" to the situation, but working to prevent it from happening also!

Overall, what's most important is that we care and that we work to do something about it. As Kristen said, "I would love to think that our current generation will sacrifice and work together to ensure that every orphan receives his or her basic human rights: food, shelter, clean water, and the love of a family."

So, in honor of our family day, can everyone reading this post leave a comment with a charity they support that makes the world a better place? Knowledge is power (overused but very true)!
Rachel said...

It's easy to feel like we're not making a big enough difference, but I think your family does SO much! (And most importantly, you're instilling the importance of giving in your children.)

We have a young tradition in my family of making a donation to Heifer in honor of my parents, as their Christmas gift. I find a small ornament or figurine of the animal we "purchased", and wrap that up with a card. They don't need any more "stuff", but they still get to open a package! :-)

southern daze said...

I'm embarrassed to say that while we're GREAT about supporting local charities, we don't have one we support that makes the WORLD a better place.

Two years ago we supported Samaritan's Purse by sending some shoe boxes full of necessities & fun stuff and I'm thinking about picking a few things from their Christmas Catalog for us to do with the girls this year.

Thank YOU for reminding us of how important worldwide organizations are. I love that EJ is a part of your family and think it is so awesome that you continue to support & give back to her heritage.


tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

happy family day my friend!!!

and i agree with rachel, your family is leading the way on this! when i think of a family that supports charity efforts, i think of yours first ...

we sponsor a child through compassion. and there are various charities that i donate some of my tsj profits to. a friend in need i'll continue to support. we ring bells for salvation army. the stuart boo-boo drive ... :)

love you friend!!

AEK said...

We also give to Heifer as a Christmas gift for Jamie's 92 year young grandmother. She always seems to appreciate it. I love the organization as a whole and the good message it delivers.
One of my goals for the new year is to also sponsor a child. I think this will be good for my kids to see the lives of other children that don't have it as well as they do.

Happy Family Day!

Karri said...

Happy Family Day!!!!!

One of the charities we life to support and use as a gift for others is Kiva. ( I like to tailor the loan to the recipient, as well. Its so cool that such a small amt of money is making such a big difference.

David Leventhal said...

Couldn't agree with you more!! Thanks for the link too!!

Sherri said...

Happy (belated) Family Day!! We will be celebrating our FD in just a few months:-) Although we try to do what we can, I also feel that it's never enough. We also support Common Hope, help Dario's foster family, donate to local organizations, etc.

One charitable organization that is making the world a better place is

Every time you read a children's book online (for free) they donate a book to various literacy programs, both in the U.S. and abroad. It helps encourage reading and supports literacy for kids in need -- what could be better! I just joined this week and we've already read 6 books.

Peace, Sherri

P.S. I love the family pic.

Sadie said...

I am so far behind, but just had to comment on this post. First off, Happy Family Day! I have chills (in a good way) that you celebrate such a wonderful day.

Second, we support Golden Heart Ranch, which is a local charity that is building a life center residential community where adult people with disabilities can live a full and enriched life. The charity was started by two parents of a disabled child--and I know others as well--who say their biggest fear is wondering who will take care of their children when they are gone?

Happy Family Day again! Sorry I'm a little late.

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