Margarita Salt Scrub

I just came home from an awesome vacation with some great friends. While I wish I could have brought home the warm weather and bright sun, I have a quick "recipe" to help bring some summer to your shower!

Margarita Salt Scrub
1 cup fine sea salt
2 ounces olive oil
3/4 ounce white tequila
juice of one lime

Mix together in a large bowl until salt pretty much absorbs the liquid. Store in a air-tight container (I used a half pint canning jar which held exactly this recipe).

To use, scrub on skin in a circular motion. When done, rinse off excess oil and your skin should be super soft. But do not use on cracked or sunburned skin (ouch)!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

thank you for this fun gift!!

Sandy Ploy said...

where in the directions does it mention the drinking?

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