Pumpkin Toss

We can't just be a normal family who puts the pumpkins in with the leaf pile to be taken away. No...we have to smash them in the street first! Matt had wanted to bring a baseball bat into the situation (originally I imagined pumpkin death Office Space fax machine-style), but they were much too squirrel-eaten/moldy for batting practice.

The boys took their work very seriously!

After three tosses, this was as bad as the pink pumpkin ended up. The squirrels & chipmunks didn't touch it either. Looks like no more carving for us...spray paint it is! (or maybe we can carve and then spray paint? Guess we'll have to hatch a plan for next year!

And when it was all done, EJ made Matt sweep up the street so "people can drive their cars again!"
Karri said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!
(and i adore how jack is holding livvy's hand in the first pic)

Linda said...

I see my house in the background - where was I during this fun? I think ours are still on the porch if you want to continue the madness.

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