Seeing with her heart

{Livie is at top left with the blond hair, EJ is bottom left with the black hair, I don't show too well in this pic but I am top center right below "My family" with the orange hair, Matt is top right, and Jack is bottom left...look for the blue eyes and yellow face outline}

EJ brought home this drawing from school of our family. At first I didn't see everyone in it, but after careful examination and talking to EJ about it, I realized that she worked very hard to capture each member of our family. We all have our correct hair colors (well as she sees it) and length. She may have even put in the ridiculous moustache that Matt is growing right now (but that's a story for another time)...then again that might be Jack's hair.

I just think it's incredible how well she "sees" our family. Everyone around her actually... In true middle child form, she is always the peace-maker, always trying to make & keep everyone happy. But she is also the one who notices everything around her...especially things about the people she loves.

The other day our Thankful Chart item for the day was WORDS and we were each to pay a compliment to 3 people outside of our family. Because it was people outside our family, we talked about it at night to do for the next day. I forgot to remind everyone before school the next day, so the results were not great. Jack forgot, Matt forgot, I remembered but didn't see anyone who wasn't in my family, but EJ? Well, EJ gave two compliments at her school without even remembering she was supposed to (she told one teacher she liked her shoes "they had fancy jewelry on them Mommy!" and another that she liked her shirt because it was pink), because that is what she does. She notices things about the people she loves and tells them about it too!

This week EJ taught me to open my eyes a little wider and to share the things I see with the people I love.
southern daze said...

I love your giving spirit & open heart! You make me focus on being more thoughtful & thankful and for that, I am super grateful.

I'm also super excited to see you SOON!!

Sadie said...

That picture is precious. Worth framing if you ask me. Do you have someplace in your house where you feature all these masterpieces?

proud auntie said...

so precious!!! the best gifts most often are the ones our children teach us ...

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