TCB...well, the baby steps version

I finally hung the longer pennant banner up in the office. It really brightens the room (and added an additional "pattern" for Jack to count for his math homework yesterday too)!

And the great kitchen radio search is over! Thanks to Christine for the awesome suggestion...this new guy has joined us and I love it! Despite the fact that it can attach to my iphone or play a cd (and has 5 radio presets), it has only played one station so far. What can I say? We're set in our ways!

{If I ever start taking care of business for real, you may even see a painted kitchen wall here!}
Karri said...

yay! love the pennant!

Christine Jacobs said...

Yay! Glad you like it! I thought it looked familiar. :)

tracie @ tsj photography said...


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