Thankful Chart

{btw, all the cross-outs...Jack kept forgetting to capitalize every letter and you know he couldn't just leave it!}

This year for our November thanks project we decided to take our card idea from last year and make a chart instead. We're hoping that with it being more visible to everyone (and at kid level) it will have more of an impact and we'll stay on task. We also chose to make the "actions" a little more doable/easy given that usually they are done on a weeknight (and often with just one parent home too). The kids had a lot of say in the things we would do and it was fun to work together to create the chart (words and design).

The 28 "cards" for this year are:
God - say a prayer of thanks
Clothes - pick and lay out our outfits the night before school
Words - say a compliment to 3 people
Olivia - make her feel special by doing little things for her
Dad - make him feel special by doing little things for him
Exercise - do jumping jacks and have a race
Hands - do an art project with our hands
Fall - rake/collect leaves and make tracings
Music - have a dance party
Meals - choose our meals for the day and help mom & dad make them
Teachers - make a card or picture to say thanks
Home - wash the windows
Eyes - read a book together
Family - have a movie or game night
Neighbors - make & deliver treats to make them know they are special
Community - clean up/pick up garbage
Books - take a trip to the library and check out some fun books
School - donate kickballs to replace the missing playground balls
Clean - take an extra long bath...with bubbles!
EJ - make her feel special by doing little things for her
Jack - make him feel special by doing little things for him
Imagination - make up a story and share it with your family
Grandmas - call them, make them some art, send an email
Water - drink a cold glass & donate to charity: water
Food - shop for & donate food to Hunger Task Force
Mom - make her feel special by doing little things for her
Teeth - extra diligent brush and floss today
Shoes - take a long walk and donate to Soles4Souls

The kids chose Exercise for our first evening activity. It was awesome for me as Jack and EJ created an huge obstacle course of sorts. They jumped toy hurdles, went to the living room to do arm circles, carried 10 books across the of all, they set it up and executed it themselves (and worked really well together on it). I was thankful for sure!

When they were done with their "action," we placed a sticker for each kid in the square so we know that one is completed. Those stickers are the best part of the chart in EJ and Olivia's eyes! The best part of the chart for me? That Jack thought up the list of things they are thankful for and that they are excited to do our activities and to talk about our many blessings!
southern daze said...

So clever! Love how all the kids get involved and think it's pretty cool that Jack is such a team leader :-) What an awesome big brother he is!

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