We are thankful for...Dad

Big surprise here, but the kids picked Matt to be the first to receive our special thanks and have his chart day. The kids worked together and made him this card with a letter inside about how much they love him (and each drew a picture in crayon too).

Then I made a Thanksgiving dinner (turkey, corn casserole, potatoes) which kind of happened by accident, but worked out well to have a big family dinner. I also made some pumpkin blondies since I ate all of the ones Jackie gave me. Mine look especially orange, but I promise you it's just horrible lighting due to the complete darkness outside at 6pm (ugh!).

After dinner the kids split up...I would read to one or two of them and Matt was able to play age-appropriate games with the others. Given that those games included Lucky Ducks and Jenga, I'd say Matt took one for the team there!

The kids were really great about paying Matt compliments, telling him how glad they were that he was home (he has class Monday & Tuesday nights), and giving lots of hugs! The other special thing we did was this list on the chalkboard door of reasons we are thankful for Daddy. The kids came up with all of them (well, except for the "he's cute"...that was mine) and I think they had some great ways to tell their Daddy how thankful they are for all he does!

{I do have horrible handwriting, but I would like to point out that I was writing with sidewalk chalk here!}
AEK said...

Love this idea! Also, did you paint part of your door with chalkboard paint? Just curious.

I sure hope they will have a thankful day for you!

Sadie said...

What a great way to celebrate and give thanks for life!

tracie @ tsj photography said...


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