Where Did I Find Olivia - Volume Two

This girl is trouble...always on the move and always figuring things out that we wouldn't expect. We've found her taking charge & acting grown-up a few more places since my last post.

Arriving at the back door with her hat on and some friends for the car. How could I say no to that smile?

However this time she's too embarrassed to show her face...caught in the act. I missed the great shot though...I had walked in and found her wrapped up in toilet paper!

Study group? The Breakfast Club?

A little tough to see in these photos, but Liv goes crazy when she hears water running in the bathtub. This time she started stripping down but got her shirt caught behind her head.

Going through my purse (that I accidentally left on the floor while I moved some things in the kitchen). When Liv saw me taking this photo, she pulled my phone out of the purse and brought it to me as if she was doing me a favor.

Yes, she turned on the tv and then snuggled up on the couch clutching the remote (unfortunately for her, I believe a sports show was on).

It was not time to brush teeth, but for some reason Liv is really into having clean teeth (and she hasn't even visited our beloved Dr. Ric).

I can only imagine what antics she'll be up to now that our Christmas decorations have entered the scene! Fingers crossed that presents stay wrapped and ornaments un-broken.
Anonymous said...

I could eat her up, she is so darn cute!!!!!!!!!!

Don't Diss Sports Viewing said...

I love the first pic. Didn't see that one before. Our little Houdini is a character!

Maybe she chose to watch sports. Flipped the channels until she found it.

Kel said...

How adorable!

Unknown said...

I'm very happy for your daughter on how she's really into having that perfect smile by always brushing her teeth. I'm sure when she grows up, she will really have the most beautiful smile. My son is very conscious about his oral health also. He brushes his teeth every after meal and he wants to go to his dentist (Germantown, TN) regularly for his dental check-up. And I'm glad how Germantown, TN dentists took good care of my son's teeth. Bet my boy will be a hearthrob when he grows up!

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