Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Themed Gift

It all started with this book! Jack's teacher read it to the class (a chapter per day) and Jack fell in love...the perfect start to a Christmas theme right?

So we bought his new favorite book, the movie version and a couple other new books to round out the chocolate theme (anyone remember these?).

{Charlie & the Chocolate Factory book, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory DVD, Chocolate Fever, The Chocolate Touch}

The final touch is to add a behind-the-scenes experience or two (because isn't that what Charlie is all about?). We're still working on our final list of places to visit/tours but we ended up with more than expected (we'll probably do a few dates throughout 2011 to fit in the various locations). To announce this part of the gift, I was planning to make a Golden Ticket, but luckily for me (and my terrible Illustrator skills) I came across this amazing custom ticket and a special one, just for Jack, is on it's way!

{Golden Ticket images courtesy of Crankbunny}

Now all I have left is to add a few Wonka Bars for authenticity ( can't have a chocolate-themed gift without chocolate!) and we're all set with some "wonderful surprises" for Jack!
southern daze said...

From one theme gift lover to ROCK!!! Jack is going to be thrilled and I know that's going to make your heart super happy on Christmas morning. AWESOME.

Jackie said...

cute idea for sure! Owen LOVED that book too! Never even thought of the possibilities...

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

how AMAZING is that ticket!?!?!

Sandy Ploy said...

H -

Call Julie Waterman at Indulgence Chocolatiers in Waukesha. I suspect she would be open to a visit. Its a small space, but she makes INCREDIBLE chocolates. She was an IronCupcake partner in 11/2009.


Indulgence Chocolatiers, LLC
400 Travis Lane, Unit 26
Waukesha, WI 53189

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