Christmas Weekend in Photos

A fun Christmas Eve craft

Before and after looks for Olivia

All dressed up at Grandma's house

Hugging her new cat book


The kids got an allowance to buy me gifts (I don't think they did too badly actually)

In honor of his Movember efforts (corkscrew/bottle opener)

Movie star

What they wore ALL Christmas Day

"Best Family Forever" (I agree)
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

merry christmas friend!!

LOVE your holiday in photos! livie's haircut is too cute! as is ej disguised as lilly!

and i love pajama day!! the girls did the same {of course}, and the best is when ppl comment how they like their outfits and we get to say their pjs!

and jack looks so cute and studious in his glasses!

love you friend!

emilee rose said...

Looks like quite a Christmas!

southern daze said...

Christmas day in pjs is the best! It's our tradition the years we have the girls on Christmas and it's something we all look forward to!

So happy you had such a nice Christmas with family :-)

Karri said...

I don't think I knew Jack has glasses? He looks handsome!!!
Love Livi's haircut (mullet-b-gone!) - beautiful!
Love EJ as Lilly :) Especially love those red cowboy boots!
And a big awe :) to the matching Hanna dresses.

Looks like a wonderful christmas!!

Jackie said...

Christmas in pj's is the BEST!!!!!! I think we've done it every year since I was a kid and I will NOT let that tradition slide! AND too funny that Abbie got those same Dora jammies that Liv has, but she got them as a prezzie for xmas. So now Abbie can match both of your girls (at different times of course!!)

mkecupcakequeen said...

The cookies look so fun, so glad it worked out and was fun! Love you all! xoxox

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