Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse Themed Gift

Lilly books are EJ's absolute favorites! And yet, she doesn't even own one. I bet if you checked our loan history at the library for the past year, you'd see we always have one at home though! At any rate, it only seemed right to buy EJ her own copy of Lilly!

{Lilly's Big Day & Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse}

And I don't know if you know this, but when you're 3 1/2, playing dress-up is one of the coolest thing ever. EJ was going to need her own purple plastic purse for sure! Easier said than done, but I finally found an acceptable Lilly purse.

{plastic train case filled with gross kid makeup from a store which shall not be named; "glam girl" logos have been hidden with glitter star stickers}

And if you're going to carry Lilly's purse, you need to get serious and really look the part...right down to the movie star sunglasses and 3 shiny quarters.

Eventually after a lot of searching, the entire outfit came together. I am so excited to see EJ's face when she sees that she gets her own Lilly outfit! And yes, we did get her a second copy of the book signed by Kevin Henkes. The perfect keepsake for when she grows up and grows out of the "dress up" stage.

{boots by Pediped, crown by Mom}

One more very cool thing about this gift? Kevin Henkes is from my home town!
gift-giving envy said...

she is going to love, love, love it!!!!!!!

southern daze said...

You are the BEST gift giver! EJ is going to be crazy excited!!!

Christine Jacobs said...

I never knew Kevin Henkes was from Racine. Such great people come from that city. :)

LobotoME said...

love, love love these gift ideas!!!

jessica said...

I love this Lilly themed gift so much! Our girls love her too. And Jack's penguin polka is the cutest thing ever!

Anonymous said...

we are invited to two of our friends birthdays this month, both named Lily... definitely found the perfect gift thanks to you!!!

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