A Little More Holiday Fun

This past week we did a couple of our annual holiday traditions (if you want to see tinier kiddos, check out the post from last year too). To start things off, we mailed our letters to Santa at Macy's (benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation) and all three kids came with me this year.

EJ went first (she mailed her own & Olivia's)...

And then she became obsessed with trying to get to the other letters while Jack mailed his!

Then this past Saturday, Jack & I spent two hours in really cold, rainy weather (we were very thankful to be under an awning) ringing bells for The Salvation Army. It was a tough gig (I fully admit that I think we are going indoor again next year) but we had a lot of fun hanging out and meeting kind & very generous people. We also had a talk about homelessness and what that means in general and in bad weather. It was nice to have such a concrete experience (even just two hours) to help Jack imagine how hard it must be to be homeless.

We even got a visit from some special girls & Daddy halfway through our gig! Unfortunately it was too cold for them to stay very long, but we really loved seeing them!

On Sunday morning, we were watching the news (checking out the Winter storm info) and saw a story about the local Salvation Army shelter creating additional space for people to spend the night in their hallways. Jack was thrilled that they were able to accommodate more people and hoped that we had raised enough money to help during the storm! Too sweet!

If you're interested in bell ringing, please click here to sign up.

We capped off the weekend with a Christmas movie night, but started off our Sunday with a sweet treat! Matt made snowman pancakes the other week and they were a huge hit! I had seen these snowman doughnuts and thought they might be loved too. Matt and I worked together to improvise on the decorations. We were out of pretzels so used toothpicks for arms, the hats were a little odd (but fine) and the noses were more complicated to make than expected (no candy corn & m&ms/skittles were too big, so we went with a microwaved & molded Starburst). But oh my goodness...my kids loved them!

I can't wait to see what holiday magic this week brings!
Jackie said...

I saw those doughnut snowmen too...they are so cute and fun, but this momma just looked and that was it. But I don't like doughnuts, so it's not too hard for me to not think any farther. I won't tell my kids, they will be so jealous!! A good breakfast for such a cold, wintery morning :)

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