Our new kitchen table

Bet you were expecting something a little more fancy right? We had a pub-height table in this space before and we only used it as a serving table at parties (and a junk holder day-to-day). So basically not a good use of space/furniture. So one night I made a bit of a change.

Cozy right?

Every evening the kids cram into the kitchen while I cook dinner and they really had no space and nothing to do (well except for dance parties of course). When they brought toys in, they'd play in the center of the floor and we'd spend the time tripping over each other. Good times!

In the midst of one of those chaotic nights, I remembered the IKEA table we had stored in the basement and switched it out. I like the new set up much better!

Now the kids sit at the table and make art, read books, and (their favorite) play school. Yep, that $5 dry erase board I added is very well used! Where else are you going to chart the main idea of the book you're reading to your sisters, I mean students?

I know that changes like this are not the norm and definitely aren't upping the "look" of our house, but I love that our house is all about our family...what works for us and what allows us to be closer. I know that I'd much rather have gathering spaces than gorgeous spaces!
southern daze said...

What a fun + clever idea! They look super excited to have their own space in which to hang out with you while you're cooking. I love that Jack was teaching his sisters the best way to take care of a pig...complete with a diagram. Awesome!

Looks like you have magazine articles framed on the side - what are those of? They look fancy!

Sadie said...

A great use of space and the table! There will be time to live in a showhouse when the kids are grown, that's what I tell myself. Right now it's about fun and function and this accomplishes both!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

LOVE IT!!!! and i love livie's smile!!

Sandy Ploy said...

Ohh...I never saw the TOH piece frames. Looks awesome.

Karri said...

That's awesome! And I see that Jack is applying what he learns at school :)

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