Penguin Polka

We're catching the live show (Jack's Holiday Sing) this morning, but seeing as the event is SRO, I decided to get a quick video of rehearsal the other night. Enjoy (I especially love the sister trying to share the spotlight)!

southern daze said...

Super cute! Have a feeling I'll be humming that tune all day.

On a side note, could your tree be any more perfect?! Gorgeous!

Jackie said...

had to laugh as we've heard that many many times this week too! definitely one of my faves they've ever done but yep, it'll be in your head not only today for for a long time!!!

Karri said...

looooove it! love how liv had to get in on it ;)
that was my 2nd time seeing it (since aid did it in 1st grade, too). i just love that one. its my fave.

btw...where is that shelving unit from? i need that once i rearrange when my tv is hung!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

hilarious!!! love his little waddle down down move!!!

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