Amigurumi Animals

My big secret project of Christmas was to make amigurumi animals for my kids (and a couple for friends too). I had never done this and I truly have no idea why I thought I could either, but the patterns weren't marked "hard" so I made the decision and ordered the yarn!

I had to work after the kids bedtime (so usually 8pm to midnight) but it was really fun and not too hard actually (the toughest part was attaching all the pieces...and actually it's just time-consuming not hard really). In the end, I know they aren't perfect but I love how they each came out. My mom saw them and commented on how much I've improved (one look at this post and I think you'll agree). I'm so glad I learned to crochet this past year (thanks for teaching me mom!) and I'm very thankful for all the amazing free patterns out there too!

So...let me show you the animals already!

EJ's tiger

Olivia's penguin

Abbie's ladybug

Jack's snake

Owen's snake

I'm not sure how much of a hit they turned out to be with my kids though. EJ was definitely the least impressed (she told me it was "lovely" and then walked away to play with something else), but Olivia cooked hers right up!

I did find Jack and his new buddy playing together later in the day (and all 3 animals have shown up at baseball games this past week too)!

I already have a blue snake on the "to make" list by request of Jack, but I think I'll be making more of these in the future for gifts (especially now that I won't have to work in the dark)!

all patterns from lion brand yarn -

blue snake

amigurumi patterns
Leslie said...

Alright. . . two things. 1) I have a birthday coming up in a few months. Love. 2) You wanna teach me how to crochet one of these days? Maybe L.O. weekend?? You're da bomb! Love these sooooo much -- and I'm not even gonna tell my kids how fantastic you are, because they'd be putting in requests for amigurumi of their own!

Jackie said...

WE LOVE them!! and I especially love the fact that you made them!! Ours appear at various events around the house too :) I think they all turned out super cute (but I might be partial to the ladybug, you's just a thing around here :) and I'd like to learn to crochet too :)

tracie @ tsj photography said...

LOVE love!!! your giving, both by gifting and of your time ... ALL the time you put into gifting ... staying up late and just so determined ... i love you for it!! i'm inspired by it! you make me want to be a better gifter!

get it? like a take on the movie line, you make me want to be a better man?

or how about ... you had me at amigurumi?


southern daze said...

Your heart is huge and I love how you pour all of yourself into gift giving. I saw all those tweets at late o'clock and then again super duper early in the morning - you put so much love into them and I think they're just darling!! My favorite is Olivia's penguin :-)

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