The Gift of Water

So this Christmas, I regifted to the Godparents & Grandmothers in our life...well, kind of! Actually, I regifted the gift we gave them last year...water!

But this year we "fancied" it up a bit with some washcloths (crocheted by me), dish soap, and a little winter tin to store it all.

I made a few versions of the washcloths and the kids picked which they wanted to give each person. This is the daisy & sunflower set.

And the hexagon washcloth and scrubbie in red.

My brother hit the jackpot as Jack insisted on giving him two washcloths (note he also chose Brewers colors). However, my brother also got my big mistake washcloth. I forgot to turn the blue one on the exterior rows so it turned into more of a circle actually. He got two, it's okay right?

I really liked the mix of handmade with our charitable donation this year (something tangible to remind the recipient of their gift to others). To be honest, it was also really fun to craft something cute and useful too! I hope I can think of a unique way to regift water next year!

daisy washcloth:
sunflower washcloth: yarnjeannie
hexagon washcloth: lion brand yarn
scrubbie dots: whiskers & wool
Anonymous said...

The washcloths also made wonderful coasters. As I drink a lot of cold drinks with ice, and he ice melts into the old coasters and puddles water, the washcloths absorb the wetness....besides, they are much too pretty to mess up in dirty water and look great on my table. Thanks, Mom

Sadie said...

How cute are those? I love the idea of using them as coasters. Question: Do you ever sleep? How do you make all this cool stuff? A lot of days, I can barely make my bed.

Karri said...

that is awesome! what a cute idea!

tracie @ tsj photography said...

okay ... can i just admit that i thought the soap was handsoap & i've been using it in my bathroom? ;)

thank you for including me in this wonderful gift!!

oh! and p.s. ... love sadie's comment!

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