New Family Calendar

{our calendar center - EJ's "snowy day" painting is featured at the bottom}

Do you have a master family calendar? I often feel like I keep too many calendars actually. My main two are my desk planner and my electronic calendar, but for some reason it's always been important to us to keep a monthly family calendar in the kitchen. It's nice to have a spot to take a quick look at what is going on for the week/weekend and an easy way to catch scheduling conflicts (as long we we remember to update it!).

This year I didn't purchase a calendar and we weren't gifted one at Christmas either. I looked all over etsy this week, but just couldn't find quite the right fit. Snow and Graham did a new write-on wall calendar this year (that I will admit still has me a bit smitten) but the price point was a little too much and I wasn't able to locate a sale.

And then a perfect (and free) solution hit me!

{the blank slate before all the fun gets added}

I "found" an 8.5x11 ikea frame in my basement (you might remember me using these same found frames for this project) and printed a photo of the kids from our recent vacation. I can easily change this frame out with new photos or kids' art as the year goes on to keep it fresh too!

The calendar pages below are held in a binder clip and hung on a small nail. Each month has different colors and they are a free download from the always awesome TomKat Studio. I worked on "synching" the master calendar this morning and even attempted a color coded system for each family member. I know it won't last, but it's very pretty right now!

{letterpress calendar from mooninjune}

The final addition to the calendar wall will be this beauty. I'm planning to use it to track my "miles" run this year and I know that keeping it in the kitchen will keep me accountable (and hopefully motivated). My plan is to run 780 miles this year. That's 15 miles per week if I worked out every week of the year (which I don't...I skip vacations, after crafting all-nighters and the entire month of December) and I'm very curious to see how it comes out.

*To explain why I said I was counting "miles"...
In reality I don't just knees just couldn't take it. So, I also mix in dvds (cardio & weights), really long walks pushing the girls in the stroller, and (my newest interest) yoga dvds. So...a mile run equals a mile and 20 minutes of dvd equals a mile. I'm never sure how to convert it when I walk (and it's honestly just a summer problem) and yoga is a whole different issue, so I may just stick to the 20 minute rule with those too. Thoughts?
tracie @ tsj photography said...

how have i not found tomkat before?!? one of my friend's parties is even featured on her site! LOVE and just spent way too much time on her blog!! so thanks for that! ;0

also, what size paper did you print these on? thinking it's just the thing for us too!

oh! and love the photo of the kids!

Jackie said...

yes...agree with Tracie! It might be perfect for us too. I have a picture and a frame that I should hang anyway, what a great idea and I love TomKat...too much! I hate the calendar system we have but I'm not quite of a stickler to them like you so I haven't spent too much time thinking about it, so thanks for giving me a nice easy solution!!

and yes, great pic of the kiddos. When are you going to post that blog? I'm dying here :)

oh and the running that!!! I hope that keeps you a little more accountable and I would say you can count the 20min of a dvd as one mile, that's fair and I think just 1 yoga dvd in general could be counted because it's still exercise but let's face it, it's not running. And walking...hmmm...I think you could go 20 min there too. I mean you probably walk faster than that but if you want it to count like running then I say 20 min. is good. Then everything is pretty equal.

Johnny said...

I hear standing in the horse stance for 10 minutes burns more calories then running a ten minute mile.

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