Ten on Tuesday: Beauty Products

Okay, I'm using the term "beauty products" very loosely here as I am one of your lower-maintenance type girls, but it seemed like the best "all-encompassing" title. Perhaps, I should have gone with Winter Survival Products though as almost all of them combat Winter dryness or general Winter blahs! In short, these are things I can't live without this time of year...

1) Sensodyne - 3 times a day without fail allows me to drink Diet Coke & eat ice cream (which we all know that is vital to my well-being!) and forget about the gum-damage I caused with overzealous brushing in my younger years.

2) Natural Instincts Spiced Tea - The way I see it, if you're as pale as I am, you deserve to be a red head. Didn't quite work out that way though, so I help things along! This temporary dye means I have limited root-showage & I don't have to pay for 3-5 bowls of color at the salon!

3) Lever 2000 - You wouldn't think bar soap would be a big issue, but I sneeze from a lot of scents & I need something that both Matt & I can use. This fits the bill and also doesn't dry your skin.

4) Degree Ultra Clear - no white streaks, not much scent...love it!

5) Bath & Body Works Moisturizing Hand Soap - We use this in the kitchen & baths. It's antibacterial and doesn't dry out my hands as much as other options. However, if anyone has the perfect hand soap that will protect my hands from cracking all Winter long, I would really appreciate a recommendation!

6) AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream - Because my hands still crack & dry out using #5, I've been getting a lot of use of this hand lotion. It isn't heavy and really helps my hands tons!

7) Aveda Outer Relief Pads - At my last facial, I was told that I don't really break-out (not sure I buy that) but that my pores get clogged & cause issues that way. Her suggestion was to use these pads each evening before bed & I've honestly seen a huge improvement! The woman who rang me up was even more helpful though as she suggested I cut them into quarters to make them last longer. I felt like an idiot cutting them, but one small $35 jar has lasted me over a year!

8) Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - I saw this recommended on a trusted blog and thought I'd give it a shot instead of my usual OPI. Oh my word, I love it! It is seriously all you need...no base coat, nothing on top to protect it, one coat only...and it stays on perfectly.

9) St. Ives Restoring 24 Lotion - During the cold months, I use this after every shower. In the summer, once a week. Absolutely no problems with dry skin (unless I run out)!

10) Chapstick - I use my fav Labello during the day, but right before bed (during Winter), I use this to keep my lips un-cracked (not a word, but you get the point). Jack & EJ both keep a tube bedside too actually.

{all photos courtesy of their respective sites}
Jackie said...

this was very interesting as I would've totally picked some of those things for you and totally NOT picked some of those things for you and found that we are very similar (shocking as it may seem) in a lot of those things as well!!

Carrie G. said...

LOVE the nail polish! I bought some thanks to your post and it wears GREAT! thanks :) Carrie G.

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