Weekend in iphone snapshots

A quick peek at some of our weekend fun...

Lowe's workshop (EJ's first time!)

Gator Golf with Nick

The Puzzle Queen (someone has a new hobby)

Cousins (like-twins) in a rare moment of peace


Livie matched her sister's posture (they were originally sitting side-by-side)



Breakfast of Champions...thank you Al!

The games continue...

Ready for the game

The "young adult" section of our local library - yes, those are Cliff Notes interfiled with their respective books. Turns out I should have checked out this section instead of taking this poll!

In addition, we had haircuts and Jenga, laundry and basketball, cousin sleepovers and a skype call to Grandma (our first), Dad yelling at the tv and breakfast for dinner. Basically...it was a great weekend!
southern daze said...

What great pictures! Wonder who's Diet Coke can is pictured in the UNO shot?

So glad you had a great weekend and that the Packers won. If you think the yelling was bad yesterday, just imagine what it will be like in 2 weeks :-)

Jackie said...

Your girlies need some packer shirts :)

looks like a ton o fun! and the yelling thing...oh my goodness, i almost lost my hearing i think! (and my voice!!)

TV Yeller said...

Yeah, it was definitely a roller coaster of emotions during the game. Although the Packer treats had a calming effect. Thanks Jackie!

tracie @ tsj photography said...

great weekend!!

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