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So I recently started doing a little yoga and I've already gotten so good that I am rocking the poses above...NOT! But I am loving it! I've done a couple beginner dvds, a Bob Harper yoga/pilates hybrid workout, and of course family yoga with the kids (lots of animal poses). I'm really liking it and can see (and feel) the benefits already.

However, because I was just testing it out, I have none of the "stuff" I need to really give it a go. Starting with a mat...right now I'm doing it on a soft mat for floor exercises (like a smooshy mat you use for sit-ups) & that's not quite working out when I try balance poses (in fact I think it has a negative effect). I went to Target to check things out and just the choices of mats overwhelmed me!

So, I'd love to ask for some assistance. Keeping in mind that I'm just starting out, will only be doing this in my house, and am cheap...what things do you recommend that I purchase?
Leslie said...

Well, you'll definitely want a yoga mat. I currently use a Lotus Pad yoga mat that I love . . . but prior to that, I bought one at TJ Maxx for pretty cheap. You'll also probably want a block and a strap for balance & extra stretching ability. I have a cushion, too . . . but a pile of blankets works just as well. Don't think you'd need anything else!

Balance poses (like tree, for instance) are often done off the mat, because even a 1/4" mat can throw off your balance!

I'm happy to answer any other questions you've got!

emilee rose said...

I have the Gaiam double thick mat from Target. I believe it was around $30. I like the double thick mat because it gives you a little more cushion on your knees in certain poses.

A block is another good thing to start out.

Amazon has some good deals, and I've gotten somethings at Marshall's or TJ Max.

Cathy said...

I just got a new mat (finally!) and it's an Altus from Scheels. I like a thin mat and then if I need extra cushion, I use a small towel. TJ Maxx & Marshalls have some great deals on good mats too. I second the others, get a block and a strap – you'll thank yourself.

I had to laugh at your comment about Astavakrasana (eight angle pose) -- it was part of my practice this week and it's really not as intimidating as it looks. It's more about patience than anything! :)

We love doing family/kids yoga too!
Have fun!

Jackie said...

I was just as Marshalls this week looking at yoga mats...go there, there is a ton and they are cheap (well, in comparison) They have the Gaiam ones there. Blocks are the other thing that I have heard over and over as well and that our yoga instructors use. Best of pants :) because their not just for yoga and you can live in them :)

I just wanted to mention that I too love how my body feels after yoga, it's a totally different feeling!! never thought....

I'll let you know if I found out any other pertinent info at yoga day!!

Stephanie said...

I love the Breathe mats ( They're a bit pricier, but they're super soft. I rented one once when I forgot my mat, and it was divine! : ) You can throw them in the washing machine, too...

Karri said...

I find that the best deals on mats are at marshalls/tj maxx. Don't get the el cheapo one at Target ($9.99 - embark). It doesn't have that 'stick' that it needs. that was my first one and I slid around a lot. They can get pricey, so just get something basic - around $15-$20. I actually got my block in the $1 section of Target! But I don't use it a lot. After you do yoga for a bit, you'll know whether or not you're a 1 or 2 block gal. And straps....its a personal thing that depends on your pref and flexibility. I don't use straps. So figure out if you need one before you spend the $$. As for everything else, rolled blankets or towels work just fine and even a teacher will tell you that.
Have fun! I heart yoga!!!!

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